After Hours Guidelines

Our office takes pride in the fact that we stay open as much as possible during the times students are off from school. For example, we stay open all summer and during major school holidays including Spring Break and Winter Vacation. Our office does close on the occasional Friday or Monday to allow for the greatest variety of appointment options to our patients. We typically do not see patients on weekends and most major holidays.

While the occasional true orthodontic emergency is rare, we do understand there can be urgencies which may require you to contact the office outside of your scheduled appointment time. Our policy for handling urgencies outside of normal office times is as follows: please send an email to the office via the Contact Us form on the website: our email is constantly monitored and this is the fastest way to receive a response. You may also call the office, of course, and if we are open, someone will work with you to provide an at-home solution. The office can also notify a clinical team member to provide an immediate at-home solution via email, text, or phone call. If we are unable to help you troubleshoot over the phone, we will schedule you for a visit as soon as the office is open. If the office is closed for an extended period of time, we have designated on-call time slots in each office where we will see you in the office for any urgent visits. Please be kind when discussing these issues with our staff and do not attempt to contact the doctor or staff directly via personal channels.